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“Why do I need a color consultation?”

There are a lot of different ways to reach the same goal.

Depending on your hair, we can combine a number of techniques to achieve your desired look. During a color consultation, you and your colorist will take up to 30 minutes to talk about your hair, as well your lifestyle. Your colorist will then suggest what they believe to be the best plan of action for achieving your hair color goals without compromising your hair’s integrity or desired style.

One of the topics we will discuss during your consultation will be about your hair’s history.

Have you colored your hair before? When was the last time? Was it a professional color? Henna? These are the major deciding factors in formulating our plan of action, so remember this is safe space, and honesty is always the best policy.

We may also ask you some more personal questions about yourself. If you’re interested in a color that will require a high level of maintenance, is that something you can realistically commit to? If your lifestyle is more demanding of your time, it may not be the right fit. But don’t despair! We can create a look that is both high-impact without the maintenance to match, customized to fit your desired commitment. Did you know that some medications can affect your hair color results? We may ask if you’re comfortable with disclosing if you are currently taking certain specific medications, only as it pertains to your hair, and again, only with your consent.

If your goal is one that will require several visits to achieve, your stylist will be able to communicate what you can expect your hair to look like at the end of each process before we ever start working. It’s important that you know what you can expect from each service, so we know you’ll leave happy after every visit.

Hair color is an investment. A color consultation ensures that you are making the right investment for you.


Ready for your expert color consultation?

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