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We believe it’s cool to care.


Conceptualized during COVID-19, twentyone01 was designed to fulfill a need in both our community and our industry -- providing quality hair services in a space people can trust. As a small and sustainable studio, we have the advantage of being able to operate with just one stylist in the building at a time.


This allows for optimal environmental control in a measurable and meaningful way -- we can produce an accurate list of all persons who have been inside of the building, at what times, and for how long. 


twentyone01 can uniquely serve our community safely, no matter how long it may take us to weather this storm, because it wasn’t retrofitted to respond to the pandemic -- it was created as an answer to it. 


We believe in good hair and good people.


With this notion at heart, twentyone01 was founded. We cater exclusively to each unique individual’s needs, providing premium quality services in a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment. We provide cruelty-free products exclusively, as well as color services free of PPD and ammonia, because we think kindness looks good on everyone. 


We believe in empowering each other.


We are proud to be a woman-owned small business. 


Our passion for delivering leading-edge looks is matched by our commitment to consciousness. We are proud partners with Green Circle Salons, eliminating up to 95% of our total beauty waste.


We love our city. To show our gratitude, we invest our time and resources to reach people with limited access to self-care. 


Good hair comes in all shapes, textures and types. We seek to embrace them all.

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